And it’s finished. This is the last page of the original series of The Temple of a Thousand Tears! However, I will eventually get around to working on the 2 prequels and sequel, once time allows.

Thanks to everyone who stuck with me, through the good times and bad, and who read the thing all the way through. If you feel like posting any comments about it, feel free to do so on either my MySpace account, or on the Exile forums. I would be very interested in hearing everyone’s feedback, both positive and negative (what you liked, what you didn’t, what you’d like to see more of / know more about, what you could do with less of, etc), so please leave a message or a post and let me know what you thought.

My next project will be the G-Man restoration, some more stuff for the Exile (now that Scott’s working on new code for the forums and the site), and some original stuff for both @$$hole and G-Man! I’m also scripting the prequels and sequel to Temple, which some of my friends are going over to look for plot holes and character developmental issues.

Presently, I’ve been super busy with job hunting (yet again). I’ve been putting applications out to retail stores in the area (to which I’ve have some marginal response), and to a few advertising agencies. I don’t really want to work retail anymore, so I think that focusing on ad agencies is the way to go. We shall see what the future holds for me.

Thanks again for reading, and I look forward to your comments!