Progress on the G-Man restoration project is moving forward. I finished and posted 4 pages today, and plan to do another 4 tomorrow. Actual continuous plot will begin in about 12 pages, because the story was always ever-evolving into something grand and special (and I always hoped, funny).

The thing that you have to keep in mind when reading G-Man is that I was working on them during classes in high school. They’re mostly all on lined paper, and there are a lot of concepts and topics in them which could be considered insulting and derogatory to some readers. Later on in the series, I started trying to put in content about current events (ie: gays in the military, illegal aliens from Cuba, corruption in the White House, raciests in the south, and pop-culture movie references / paradies). The intention is not to be insulting, but some stories and characters might come off that way. Just keep in mind, these were created back in 1997-2000, when I was 16 or so, and they mostly involve G-Man and T-Man trying to impress women and save the world from the forces of “evil.”


Dr. Shnitziel: A character from the movie of the same name (created by Jeremy and I back in high school), Dr. S started off as a Professional Neck Cracker while working in Canada. While there, he met a beautiful woman who later went missing (more on her, later). Dr. S, paranoid as he is, believed that the Canadians took her, and vowed to hate Canadians for the rest of his life. After returning to the USA, he took up profession as a psychologist, and usually sent his patients to Mott’s Hospital for the Criminally Insane. There they met the Warden, who mistreated his patients and eventually battled Dr. S for their freedom.

One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eatter: This creature was called forth from the Black Abyss, and was befriended by G-Man when he introduced it to tomatoes. Now strickly vegitarian, the creature has become G-Man’s pet. The only real word that he knows is “tomatoes,” and he eats constantly. Think of him as a less-marketable Pokemon….

G-Man Jr.: Actually the great great grandson to our present-day G-Man, G Jr. came back in time to visit his father, only to be caught up in events that would ultimately shape the destiney of our world forever, and the fate of our heroes. This character comes into play much much later in the story, and plays a significant role towards the end. He continuously calls G-Man his daddy….