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Ladies and gents, you are looking at @$$hole! #200 (technically it was the t-shirt comic from Friday, but I didn’t want to count that one). Being someone who’s clearly not even keeping track of his own page count, instead of a super-awesome page today you get the prologue to a super-awesome photo story arc…about blind dating!


I will say that this photoshoot, like the Vet Visit shoot, was shot professionally with the help of the very talented Erica Hampton, took about 3 hours to shoot (during an incredibly stormy and rainy night), and was about 800 photos when finished. Unlike the Vet Visit story arc, which was the story that got this comic nominated for best photo comic and best experimental comic in the 2008 Drunk Duck Awards, this story was unscripted.

An improv photo comic story arc? How is this possible? Well, I had some ideas of what I wanted to have transpire, and then they just got crazy. Seriously, one of the funnest things I have done in ages with my friends.

So anyway, to kick things off we start with my friend Scott, the expert. Scott truly in a genius, I would like to say, but maybe not about cats or blind dates. Be sure to check out his stuff at The Adventures of Scott, as well as The Exile.

Friday is a filler, and then we get this ball rolling!

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