Movie Review: Paper Heart

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Movie Review: Paper Heart (2009)
Director: Nicholas Jasenovec
Cast: Charlyne Yi, Michael Cera, Jake M. Johnson
Plot: An indie mockumentary (part documentary, part fictional comedy) about actress / comedian / musician Charlyne Yi (herself) interviewing people about love. She doesn’t believe in it, herself, and doesn’t think that she’ll ever experience it, but during the heart-felt interviews and stories (told through hilarious and extremely cute recreations with homemade puppets) that she discovers all around the country with her “director” Nick (Johnson), Yi begins to form a relationship with actor Michael Cera (himself). The documentary that they’re filming suddenly changes from finding what love is, to showcasing Yi’s experience in this relationship with Cera.

This is the cutest indie romantic-comedy mockumentary of the decade, and I absolutely mean that! I ran the full gamut of emotions with this flick, and enjoyed every second of it. Yi is a delightfully awkward “one-of-the-guys” girl, and her journey in this movie is both entertaining and heartfelt. Granted, some of it is acting, but I haven’t enjoyed going to a flick this much in ages!

Nominated for two awards (and winner of the Sundance Film Festival Screenwriting Award), this flick isn’t officially released until August 2009. However, I was able to secure some free passes to this special screening, followed by a Q&A with actors Yi and Johnson (a Chicago native).

As magical and amazing as the movie is, I can’t wait for the DVD. Yi explained that there was over 300 hours of footage taken for this movie, with more interviews with the children (which will leave you both jaw-dropped and in stitches), and several people not even shown in the final cut of the film. From the first interview, you’ll be stuck to your screen watching this incredibly imaginative movie. Be sure to go see it in theaters – you will not regret it!


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