@$$hole!: Blind Date 5

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For those of your who voted for @$$hole! in the 2009 Drunk Duck Awards, I thank you. It was a pleasant surprise to be nominated last year, so here’s hoping that the 2009 nominations are announced soon. And once that happens, the dreadful waiting period to find out if you’ve won anything. Oh, the anticipation gets me every time!

Wizard World Chicago is this weekend, and I’ve been busting ass to get content finished up in time. Get that ol’ buffer back. Thankfully, this story has just been flowing out of me, and there will be a lot of fun coming up in future pages.

It’s also running a bit longer than I originally anticipated, and I have a fear whenever that happens that people will burn out on reading it. “Get in, say it, and get out,” tends to be my storytelling method, but with a comic like this I tend to like to linger a bit. It’s fun.

Friday is the waiter’s appearance.

Also, if you haven’t done so yet, be sure to check out Erica Hampton’s website, as she’s the awesome person both taking the pictures and playing the Crazy Cat Loving Lady (who will have a name soon).

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