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Holy boobs!  That’s right, Sophia had to remove her dressings and her shirt in order for someone to get in there and help redress her injured ribs.  Most of that blood isn’t hers, though.  It’s her sisters.

Sounds like her suicide mission is something that we’ve seen before.  I fear that this story parallels the original Temple story a little too closely in terms of plot points, but at least I was able to divide up the beats a bit better.  This story feels like it flows better, has more action and adventure, and is overall a more fun story to read.  The first story suffered from some slower periods.  It’s amazing what you can learn about writing in 8 years.

Wizard world was a blast, and I hope to have pictures posted to the blog soon.  I may also try to turn some of them into a photo story arc for my other comic, @$$hole!, but we shall see.

Speaking of @$$Hole!, the comic was nominated for two Drunk Duck Awards this year:

1) Best Photo Comic (second year in a row)
2) Best Socio/Political Comic

Thanks to all who read and voted!

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