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And the waiter appears with the food faster than he appeared with the drinks. We’re getting near the end of this story (my goal is to cap it at 30 pages, if not sooner). I really want to start telling another story – preferably the nude beach story, but possibly also gearing up for the next birthday story arc. But then again, maybe I need a break from story arcs for a little bit…avoid the burn out. We shall see!


The first self-published book for @$$hole! is coming out today, premiering at Reactor (September 18-20) in Rosemont, Il. It collects the 41 page black and white story of Laura’s 21st Birthday. The book is going to be 52 pages and has an original cover, some new artwork, guest strips, an afterword by the creator (that’s me), and a forward by Josh Elder (Josh from TokyoPOP).

“Why premiere your book at Reactor, and not something larger like Windy-City?” you ask. Well, through my many con appearances I’ve met several of the people who put Reactor together, and they have offered me the opportunity to speak at their convention. In fact, they’ve given me several panels to speak during throughout the weekend. Here’s my panel schedule, for all those interested:

8 pm – MAIL ORDER NINJA (A reading with Russell Lissau and Josh Elder)

1 pm – A special all-guest artist panel
4 pm – Writing for comics (Collaboration with Steve Horton)
5 pm – Sci-fi fantasy: the art of crafting your world

11:00 am – @$$hole! webcomic panel

On top of that and all the tasks associated with printing the book, I’ve also gotten a table at Mid-Ohio Comic Con (October 3-4 in Columbus, OH) with Rival Angels creator Alan Evans. We’ll be hanging out with The Dreamer creator Lora Innes, and several other comic creators. Not sure on any speaking schedule while there, but I’m working on it. More to follow.

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