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If you recall from the original Temple story, Seymour said that he “was more of a lover than a fighter,” and here’s why. The guy was forced to kill innocents, and then he went to the one place that he thought he could receive penance for his actions – and it turns out that we know that the very place is where the ones responsible have been all along!

Seymour is very confused at this point in his life, and we’ll find out more about that in his prequel story (which Olivia and I have already started working on). The next story is called “Assassin,” and it’s going to take place during and after this very story here. It’ll follow Seymour and Marielle, and fill in some more of the gaps that abound from the original story.

If you think Sophia is bad ass, just wait until you see some of the stuff that Olivia’s working on for this story!

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