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Nominate TrevorAMueller.com in the 2009 Web Comic List Reader’s Choice Awards (no need to sign up, but it helps if you put in some info so they know you’re not a spambot). I’d take any nominations, but I’m specifically looking for:

– Best Writing
– The Innovation Award
– Best Supporting Character – Susie (or the crazy cat lady…or the waiter)


Seriously, isn’t this what that means? I’ve never understood the appeal, myself, but the ladies like it. Hence, a comic for the ladies.

There were several iterations for this comic before I settled on this final one, most dealing with Trevor saying, “I would never own a cat.” But that’s only funny when you parallel the photo and illustrated worlds…and even then, it’s not that funny. However, making fun of the idiots who can’t spell and post their lack of education on the internet for all to see along with some pictures of cats (sometimes poorly photoshoped), well – that’s just entertaining. For some reason a lot of women that I know find this lack of spelling ability with pictures of cats to be “cute.” Compare this to all of the internet dating profiles that I read that say, “Proper grammar and spelling ability are a must,” and it just furthers my confusion about the female mentality.

Perhaps another reason I’m still single. 😉

On another note, though, I have a lot of projects in the pipeline again. I was approached yesterday by four more anthologies to make submissions – which are all mostly written – and I’ve been working with an artist that I’m very excited to be working with on a short story already. Which could lead to a regular collaboration, possibly even with the characters that we’re developing here. Very fun and exciting stuff.

So this weekend will be spent doing more of what I love: Making comics! Have a great one!

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