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Hey gang, I hope you all had a great new years!

My book signing for Indy Comic Book Week was my most successful of all of my appearances so far. In the 4 hours that I was signing I sold more books than I did at the book’s premiere! Plus, I met some awesome fans – new and old. It was a great time, and I will certainly be doing more signings in the near future.

In case you didn’t know, I’m being interviewed by TGT Webcomics on January 12 at 8pm central time. If you tune in live, you can ask questions either by calling in or by posting them in the talkshoe chat. The show requires that I give away a spoiler, so perhaps something juicy will be revealed! Be sure to check it out.

I’m putting together my convention schedule for the year, and will be announcing that soon enough. I may be hitting a convention every month, especially in the mid-west region.

Alright, I’m off to get through this week of work (the week after holidays is also very stressful, but I’m hoping that it’ll only be crazy for a week…two at the most). See you all Friday!