@$$hole!: An Allegory

 In web comics

I’ve been keeping these pages on the burner for a while. I was having a discussion about the client/service industry and how you get very bizarre requests with little or no time to accomplish goals, and then your recommendation just gets ignored anyway.

This doesn’t happen all the time, mind you, but it’s happened enough to warrant comment. Not just to me, but to other people as well. I’ll have a few more in the coming months no doubt.

So now that I’ve had a chance to get a bit of a buffer up for the summer season (going to a lot of weddings and conventions), I’ll be able to keep the new content coming.

And for any new readers that have joined up since the convention tour started, welcome – and I hope you enjoy the updates every day of the week. Temple (Monday), reviews and blogs (Tuesday, Thursday), and @$$Hole! (Wednesday, Friday).

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