convention season 6

Sometimes when talking to fellow creators who do their own art (and some of the ones who don’t), they’re curious about the photo comic process. I like doing the photos because it is distinguishing from other more traditional art forms, and it’s also a lot of fun to work on. Comics can be a collaborative process if you work with another creator (for me as a writer getting to work with an artist, for example), and the photo comics allow it to be collaborative with my friends – both comic and non-comic friends. :)

This weekend is Halloween and I don’t really have a costume planned out. Some people have suggested Lex Luthor. Some have suggested Captain Picard (although that means I need to go get a Star Fleet uniform). In the past I’ve even dressed up as Spider Jerusalem from Transmetropolitan (back when I was more fit, and had that six pack all the time).

Any suggestions on costumes?

Have a safe and happy Halloween, everyone!