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It’s important for creators to be passionate about their projects – otherwise, who would promote the work in the first place? Sure, once you’re established your fans can help spread the word, but you don’t get there right away.

Plus, for every person who knows about your work, there’s thousands more out there who never have. And they might even like it. But is it possible to be too in love with your own work? I’m sure a point can be reached, but I think most of the creators you’ll meet at a convention aren’t very full of themselves. They’re at the show promoting the work, interacting with the fans, and making new friends. Most of them, anyway.

Today’s my birthday, and how am I spending it? In a car with Alan Evans and his wife, heading to Mid-Ohio Con in Columbus, OH. Why am I doing that? Because I’ll be spending the weekend as a guest at the show, hanging out with some awesome creators all weekend and pimping the work. This will be my last show of the season, and I’m already excited for next year’s conventions. Be sure to stop by for the show and say hi. I’ll be at Booth 536 all weekend, except during my Reading with Pictures panel at 2pm on Saturday.

Hope to see you there!

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  • Lee Smith

    Trevor–why didn’t you tell anybody it was your birthday?? I was at the Con (bought a book on Saturday and had Chris sign it–TOTALLY COOL!) and was at the panel with my wife. I wish you’d said something, ’cause we would’ve taken you out and shown you the Town! Please come back next year and we’ll be sure to buy you a bleated birthday round!
    RWP is great and I appreciated you hosting the panel. I think you need to get more teachers involved in the project, because there seem to have been plenty in the audience. Keep up the good work!

  • Trevor

    @Lee: Yeah, I was trying to keep it on the down low except to a few people. But thanks for the offer to take me out, that’s very generous of you. I’m glad you enjoy the book and the panel, and we’re working hard to make sure that teachers, librarians, and parents are aware of us and the project, and the value and benefits it can offer young readers.

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