The holidays come but once a year, and just about every webcomic out there does a holiday-themed comic strip. However, I wanted to do a little twist on that. And without going the “bah-humbug” rout. I figured the best way to do that would be to do a call back to one of the first comics I did after moving to Chicago. Only instead of a delicious steak woman, this would be a sexually charged and incredibly aggressive cookie with a death wish.

The holidays are an interesting time for me. While I enjoy the festiveness and family, I’m really not a fan of the commercialism…and the music.

Having worked 9+ years in retail, it’s kind of destroyed my ability to tolerate (much less enjoy) holiday music. I do admit to enjoying some stuff, like Trans Siberian Orchestra, but everything else just puts me in a mood. Reminds me of working retail…and listening to holiday music on repeat every day from October – February.


I try to allow myself to tolerate holiday music for a few hours on Christmas Day, but other than that any time I hear holiday music it’s too much. Blame retail. I do.

But other than that, I do enjoy the holiday spirit. Being with friends and family, enjoying company and good food, and of course the presents.

“But wait, didn’t you just say you hated the commercialism of the holidays?” Yes, yes I did. But everyone likes getting gifts. It’s the shopping for the gifts and putting up with hour+ long lines of people who are crabby and greedy that tends to get under my skin. But to avoid this, I do most of my shopping online. Problem solved.

So yes, I do enjoy the holiday time – just in a different way than most people. And for slightly different reasons, perhaps.

So happy holidays to all of you from me.