So the Eisner’s have undergone the first round of nominations, and several Reading with Pictures contributors have had their individual work nominated – which is awesome!

However, there’s still an opportunity to write in Reading with Pictures for a nomination (I recommend in best Children’s or best Teen anthology) if you go to the below website:

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For those unfamiliar, The Eisners are to comics what The Oscars are to the acting world. This is the A-game, top award you can win (minus a Pulitzer, but that’s only ever happened to one comic: Maus).

It’s important for the community to support itself, the work, and the creators that they feel deserve it – and the Eisners are a great opportunity for that to happen.

Please register (or login), browse the categories and nominate or vote for the people / books / teams you think should win. And if you think RWP should receive some of that Eisner love, then please write us in.