@$$hole!: Reader Mail – Where is the Comic?

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Well folks, it’s been a lot longer than I anticipated, but ultimately I couldn’t stay away from this comic any longer.

I wanted to hold off until I was able to finish the photo fight scene pages, but unfortunately those are taking quite a bit longer than I thought. It’s a project that I’ve wanted to do ever since I first started the photo comic pages several years ago. So my options were two fold:

1) Hold off on any updates until the pages are ready to go live, which at this rate would be sometime this summer

2) Update non-related comics, and continue to work on the photo fight pages in my spare time. This may mean they take a little longer to put together, but at least then I’m updating the comic in the meantime

So there you have it, updates are coming. And yes, I am working on a lot of other projects. And there are a lot of comic conventions and events coming up, especially this month.

On May 7, I’ll be signing at Comix Revolution in Mt Prospect for Free Comic Book Day. I did a signing at this store a month back for the premiere of Hope: The Hero Initiative and had such as great time they invited me back.

And then May 20-22 I’ll be a guest of honor at ACEN in Rosemont, Il. It’s one of my absolute favorite shows, and I hope to see you all there. They haven’t announced my panels just yet, but as soon as I know I’ll update on here.

Anyway, everything in between is being spent doing the work. So I hope you enjoy the pages as they come out, and I’ll keep you all posted on the Photo Fight story arc progress.



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