@$$hole!: Laundry Day 3

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Oh no, I told a traditional gender role joke. The truth here is that laundry has primarily, throughout the course of history, been something the lady of the house has done.

College, however, changes this for everyone and suddenly you find yourself having to do your own laundry – or you’re paying someone else to do it for you (or you still live with your parents), or wearing smelly clothes and have suddenly become “the stinky kid” on your dorm floor. Shame on you.

Honestly I didn’t have a lot of material here and struggled for a good joke. The best I could come up with was a traditional gender role joke. And hey, let’s be honest – it had to come out at some point. To be fair, it also showcases that men are lazy. 😛

The Laundry Day story arc continues on Friday, which is the day before a very important day for me. And no, it’s not just Guy Fawkes Day.

See ya then!

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