@$$hole!: Haunted Cabin (cover)

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Well, it’s the final month of the year (close enough, anyway) and what better way to breach this year with the next than with an epic story arc where I try something new.

This cover filter isn’t the new thing, either (although it was fun). The cover was made trying to create the gritty look and feel of modern horror flicks. Or even making new covers to old horror classics. For some reason, someone in Hollywood’s marketing department things that film grain, scratches, desaturated color, and buckets of blood sell horror flicks.

Sure, it may sell a certain kind of horror (cough cough torture porn cough cough), but not necessarily good horror.

This story, well…this is a comedy. More like a cult classic. Inspired by Evil Dead. So if you enjoyed those flicks, then you’ll like where this is going.

As for me, trying out new techniques in the comic tends to be a little more time consuming. Plus, I have two big projects in the works that I’m going to be fishing out to publishers next year. It’s going to be an exciting time. But as something that’s taking up a bunch of my time, I’m going to get back to it. Happy (almost) December!

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