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Knowing that everyone and their mother was going to be out on Saturday, dragging their kids from attraction to attraction, Beth and I opted to go to the park that would have a lower chance of having kids at it: Epcot.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Epcot has plenty for kids to do. But half of the park is different countries, which kids would not really be interested in unless they were participating in the Agent Perry around the world mystery mission.

The countries also don’t open up until the afternoon, so that allowed us to spend the morning hanging out indoors for the most part. We started off with the Sky Fliers ride, which simulates flying over various terrain and tends to be very popular. From there, we made our way around to the aquarium – which was one of my favorite parts of the park.

Everything is, of course, Finding Nemo themed.

They had a Nemo ride, but also a lot of cool deep sea fish. Who were surprisingly active. They were swimming around, doing laps, and really interacting with each other. They also had a live feeding demonstration with many of their larger fish.

Where’s Nemo?

Help! I’m being eaten by a giant shark!

We spent several hours in the aquarium before heading out to Captain Eo, the 3-D movie experience from George Lucas, Stephen Spielberg, and the King of Pop: Michael Jackson!

The flick was not as good as I remembered it (but I did remember the crotch rattle…see the movie, you’ll know what I mean), but it was a fun experience and good to rewatch it again.

After that flick, we went to go see an interactive movie ride with Ellen and Bill Nigh. It was a really funny flick, and lasted a good 40 minutes or so.

Eventually the countries opened up, and we spent our day walking from country to country. They’re mostly shops, but they do have some cool events or rides throughout. Plus, I’m told the people working them are actually from the countries – gives them a chance to work in the US and experience our culture (while spending the day pretending to be a stereotype of their own).

Beth and I trying to break into the palace in Morocco

It was a great time, though, and we had lunch in China and dinner in Japan. The food was pretty typical American (they’re not really going for authenticity in these countries…reminded me a lot of Team America, without the puppets – and also, the people working these countries could actually speak another language), but it was also pretty tasty.

Tallest onion volcano ever!

After spending the day at Epcot, Beth and I took off to go see some movies in Downtown Disney. Get out of the sun and get off our feet for a few hours. We saw The Expendables 2, which was like cotton candy for the brain and exactly what I needed after our day in the hot and humid sun.

Epcot golf ball, at night!


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