Disney Trip 4

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Sunday was our lazy day. After having spent so many days trying to hit as many of the parks as we could, we decided we really just needed a laid back day to relax and not have to do anything.

We slept in, and had breakfast at the restaurant downstairs. Unfortunately this was not a positive experience, since the kitchen took over 45 minutes to deliver me cold food – which we promptly returned and got a full refund on our entire breakfast.

After the fiasco, we opted to head over to Hollywood Studios for just a brief stint out. We didn’t really have a plan once we got there, we figured we would just relax and hit up a few shows while we were there.

We started off taking some pictures around the Star Wars area, and bummed around until the Indiana Jones stunt show started. It was just as awesome as I remembered it.

We also went to go see the Beauty and the Beast live show, which Beth really enjoyed, and also checked out the Muppets in 3-D show. Basically, we did more movie watching at the park and really let our feet rest.

After the short day at the park, we opted to save our wallets a bit and not do dinner at Epcot again. Instead, we headed back to Downtown Disney and walked around. Having not been out in the sun a ton, and not having walked as much, we weren’t super hungry. Instead, we opted to see another movie (Bourne Legacy, since nothing else was playing) and went home to bed early.


To Infinity and Beyond!


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