Good News, Everyone! (Part 3)

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So the day of my birthday finally rolled around, and it was the day I wanted to drop the question. The problem was, however, I still hadn’t been able to get a hold of her father. So, the night before, I stole her cell phone and copied down every relevant number I could think of to get in touch with the man.

The day I’m going to drop the question, I started calling the numbers…and got voice mails. At least they rang, however. Eventually, I got in touch with Beth’s mother and let her in on what’s about to happen.

She was elated, and called her husband (supposedly on some super-secret Bat phone that isn’t in Beth’s directory) to tell him to call me. Which he did. During a meeting, so I couldn’t pick up. I called him back on the number he left, but I immediately got a busy signal. This went on for hours. Me trying to call every 30 minutes or so, and getting nothing but busy signal.

I eventually called her mom back and filled her in. She called her husband again (with her Batphone) and we finally connected. He was also elated, and welcomed me with open arms into the family.

Mission completed. Next was to maintain my calm and not set off any alarms so Beth had no idea what was coming.

After work, I headed home and met Beth so we could take the train to the restaurant. We got off the train, remembering how we had met up here two years ago. In fact, she kept bringing up memories of our first date. Our thoughts, expectations, and experiences for the last two years were the topic of conversation during dinner, and it could not have been more perfect if I had planned it this way.

After dinner I said we should go for a walk, to which she replied, “Are you nuts? it’s freezing outside!”

“Hey, it’s my birthday so you have to do what I want,” Was my reply. Thankfully she sucked it up, and we headed over to the park.

She started to get wise as we approached the gazebo, so I had to throw her off the scent. Upon going up the stairs, I reminded her all those years ago of when she told me she had told her friends she would get proposed to on this gazebo. And that I thought a ring pop would be the perfect wedding ring!

I fished in my pocket and put a ring pop on her finger, and started to walk away.

Upon getting to the stairs, however, I turned around and said, “Or we could use a different ring.”

I got down on my knee, and asked her to marry me. With tears in her eyes and barely an audible voice, she peeped “Yes.”

I slid the ring on her finger, and it fit perfectly. Right next to the ring pop.

On the walk back to the train I finally filled her in on all of the things detailed out in these blog entries. Getting the ring made, not leading her onto the fact that all this was happening – and when it was happening. The issues with getting her father on the phone. All of it. It was a hilarious story to tell. But I could finally tell her about it.

Upon getting home, we called all of her friends and family that were awake at the hour, and let them know enthusiastically that we were no longer boyfriend and girlfriend. We were engaged!

So that’s the long story about why there are no comic updates this week. Instead of working on new pages, I had to put together a romantic story of epic proportions. A story of two people finding each other online and falling in love.

All because of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles….


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