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Kollision Con is my final show of 2012, and it’s this weekend! I’m a guest of honor, and there are a few places you can find me at the show:

1) Artist Alley, where I’ll have a table selling my latest books, original art, and will also be available for some fun conversation.

2) The panel rooms, when I have my panels (see schedule below)

3) The hotel bar. Because, come on – it’s a con, people!

The show is going to have some other amazing guests, including good friend and frequent collaborator Russell Lissau (Shrek, Strawberry Shortcake) and artist Gabriel Bautista (Albert the Alien, Elephantmen), as well as internet celebrity Doug Walker (That Guy with the Glasses, Nostalgia Critic).

The full panel list was posted earlier this week. My announced panels (and a brief description) are below:


Albert The Alien (with Gaberiel Bautista) – 8pm to 9pm
Come meet the men behind the all-ages comic, Albert the Alien. Find out what inspired them to create this loveable and hilarious student from the stars, and what the future holds for his adventures.

An Evening with Trevor Mueller – 11pm to 12am
Trevor is a comic professional who’s seen it all. Come spend an evening with him listening to hilarious (and often embarrassing) stories, ask him questions about meeting celebrities, or the time he made fun of Twilight so badly he received a death threat. A good time for all – well, maybe not the kiddies.

Making Webcomics – 1:30pm to 2:30pm
Comic creator Trevor Mueller has been making webcomics for over 10 years. Tap into his depth of knowledge about the world of digital storytelling, and everything you need to start your own webcomic today. The panel may have some special guests (and special announcements), so you will not want to miss this unique opportunity!

I’ll likely attend or participate in some other panels throughout the weekend. Kollision Con was a really fun show last year, and a great opportunity to really meet and connect with your favorite creators and show off your cosplay or portfolios. I hope to see you there!

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