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So if you haven’t noticed, there was no comic update in November (I got engaged, in case you missed it). However, there was also no update this week (so far).

I’m planning to retire @$$hole! at the end of the year. My goal is to finish off the current story arc at least, so you will get the complete adventure. And I may put together a printed volume 2 and beyond in 2013, since the material exists and it sells well. I’ve really enjoyed working on the series and meeting all of the fans who love the comic, but ultimately I feel like it’s time for me to move on creatively.

If you have talked to me at conventions, you’ll probably be aware that this has been coming for some time now. I have been talking about ending the series for about a year or two, and the Gnome King story was actually going to be the ending…but then I took another 825 pictures on my Disney trip, and wanted to do something with those.

I may do another photo comic series to keep myself busy, but in 2013 I have two other priorities right now:

1) Wedding planning, which I’m told takes up a lot of time and effort
2) Launching the Albert the Alien webcomic series, which I will be making announcements on as they happen

While @$$hole! will be retiring, I will continue to update reviews and blog posts on this site. So content will continue to flow. However, I just feel it’s time to move onto a new project that pushes the boundaries of my skills professionally, and adds something new and fun to the medium of comics.

I can’t stress enough how appreciative I am of the support you have shown for the comic over the years, and I hope you continue to support my future comic projects as they come out – especially Albert the Alien, when the series launches next year. Be sure to come back for more great comic news, reviews, and yes – the conclusion to the Trevor vs Dinosaurs story arc (this month, but it won’t update this week).

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