A while back, I was approached by Doug Walker (the Nostalgia Critic) to appear in his 5th year movie. He had moved on from the NC, and started doing a series called Demo Reel, and he wanted to take the new skills and techniques he had learned in film making and apply them to a new flick that wouldn’t involve all of the Channel Awesome reviewers. Co-written by his brother, Rob Walker, this movie was about an office employee who obsessed over playing a video game called Dragonbored. However, one day the character he created comes into our world and starts throwing a wrench into his life!

I played the game company CEO, appearing at the very beginning of the film in an interview, as well as in a post-credit scene. It was a lot of fun to do, and we did a lot of improv during that filming session. Doug had a few important talking points for me to hit, but otherwise said I could say basically whatever I wanted to keep the energy high and make people want to play this game. I did just that – and did a lot of swearing – which you can see some of the outtakes in the blooper reel, below!