This was a fun one. But when Doug reached out to me, I was a little nervous. He told me I’d be playing a Warboy, but they were all shirtless in the movie. Was I going to have to run around with no shirt on for his video?

I immediately hit the gym.

But much to my appreciation, he put me in a white shirt and a thick leather jacket. And thick makeup. That kept coming off, but that’s another story.

Doug’s direction was hilarious: keep up the energy and testosterone. Everything we did involved shouting, head butting, and extreme facial expressions. I even head-butted Doug during a take early in the video, where we needed to get nose-to-nose. But both of us wear glasses normally, so without them we had limited depth perception. So we almost gave each other a bloody nose.

We also did a lot of improve in the car, which was fun. The whole searching for the explodey stick and then saying, “I never learned how to read.” I was happy Doug kept that in. It even showed up for a while in his opening credits.

All in all, this was a very fun video to participate in. And I LOVED the movie, so that made it all the more special.