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2019 Upcoming Events
  1. Emerald City Comic Con 2020

    August 21 - August 23
Trevor Tweets You

A lot of folks who follow me love @thevaultcomics. Are you one of them? Then let me ask you a favor.

I bet you know someone who doesn’t read Vault Comics. or even any comics at all. Maybe you could invite them to give a comic from Vault a try, for free:

Yes, exactly this. @philhester tells it to you straight.

But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay your creative partners, even for work that may not get the green light. They have bills, too.

And hell, when you really love a project a publisher says no to, self-publish it!

Phillip Hester@philhester

There’s a substantial amount of working without pay in a comics career. Doing it on work-for-hire (pitches, rewrites, bake-offs) is paying rent. Doing it on creator-owned projects is an investment.

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