Comic Review: The Walking Dead

Comic Review: The Walking Dead Writer: Robert Kirkman Artist: Tony Moore (issued 1-6), Charlie Adlard (issues 7-present) Plot: [WARNING, THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE WALKING DEAD COMIC [...]


Comic Reivew: The Dreamer

Comic Review: The Dreamer Writer / Artist: Lora Innes Publisher: IDW Website: www.thedreamercomic.com Plot: Beatrice is your average teenage girl who wants to get the lead in the school play and [...]


Comic Review: Rival Angels

Comic Review: Rival Angels vol. 1 Writer / Artist: Alan Evans Website: www.rivalangels.com Plot: Sabrina “Ultragirl” Mancini is a professional female wrestler who gets bumped up from [...]


Comic Review: Bloody Pulp on Zuda

Comic Review: Bloody Pulp (Zuda)Writer: Jorge VegaArtist: Jeff McComseyPlot: This is the house that Pulp built and the house rules are simple: NO ONE LEAVES. Ever. BLOODY PULP is the story of [...]