Chicago Comic Con 2010

I’ll be attending Chicago Comic Con 2010 this weekend (formerly Wizard World Chicago) in Rosemont, Il. I’ll be in Artist Alley at booth #3116 selling copies of @$$hole!, Reading with [...]


@$$hole!: Carl’s Birthday 20

The Carl’s Birthday storyline wraps up today, and so I’ll have to go back to creating brand new content starting next week. I was able to get a few pages done, so hopefully it’s [...]


ACEN 2010 – Sunday

I woke up to the phone ringing at around 8:30am. “This is your breakfast wake up call,” comes a familiar voice from the other end. “Hi Russell,” I replied. “I set [...]


ACEN 2010 – Saturday

I woke up a little later in the morning on Saturday, and in my sleep deprived state I made my way to the elevator. I was joined by one of the Japanese voice actor guests, Kaori Nazuka (Fruits [...]


ACEN 2010 – Friday

Friday was the first official day of the convention, and I headed down to breakfast with Russell and Steve Horton (DC Holiday Special) at O’h (the restaurant at the Hyatt). After breakfast, [...]


ACEN 2010 – Thursday

Thursday night after work got out I grabbed my already packed (and very heavy luggage case), and headed out to the blue line to Rosemont. I was kind of beat after the long work day, but extremely [...]


ACEN review coming…

Hey everyone, I’m back from ACEN and absolutely exhausted. I wasn’t able to finish the touch ups and text for Temple when I got home, so it’ll have to update tomorrow. Sorry, [...]


@$$hole!: Carl’s Birthday 16

Carl wakes up…and now it’s payback time! ### I’m at ACEN this weekend, which is one of my favorite conventions to attend. And this year, I’m a guest of honor! Seriously, I [...]


@$$hole! has updated, and so has my ACEN panel schedule

Hey gang, the people at ACEN have been kind enough to let me know some of the panels that I’ll for sure be on at this show. There may be more appearances coming, but for now I’ll [...]


@$$hole! and Temple and laptops, oh my!

So a lot’s been going on in my world lately, and sadly I’m not able to get into details on many of the items, but there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that I find [...]