Albert the Alien goes to the Movies!

So several of you have written me e-mails asking why there have been delays in the comic updating. Well, there are a few reasons for this: 1) Some personal stuff came up (weddings, funerals) that [...]


Convention Report – C2E2 2012

Ladies and gents, I’m happy to announce another successful C2E2 show occurred this past weekend in Chicago. The people at Reed outdid themselves yet again, with some killer sales and [...]


Albert the Alien is here!

The new Albert the Alien book has arrived from the printer, just in time to premiere at C2E2 this weekend! I’ll be selling copies at the Reading with Pictures booth all weekend (Booth #211 [...]


Albert the Alien – off to the printers

Albert the Alien has been sent off to the printers and should be printing as I write this post. The proofs came back excellent, with only a few tweaks needing to be made – mostly errors I [...]


Books Available for Sale

Started putting together all of the work for my April shows already, and decided I would put together a showing of the books in one consolidated place. All of these fine books will be available [...]


Albert the Alien – Hall Monitor preview

When Albert uses the hall pass, he couldn’t have imagined the adventure he’d have on his way to the rest room. Cornered by Wally, Albert must find a way to out-smart the school bully [...]


Albert the Alien – Hall Monitor Preview

And here’s the first Albert page in color!


Albert the Alien Returns!

So one of the super-secret projects I’ve been hinting about can finally be talked about: Albert the Alien is returning for a new short story! Written by me, and returning artist Gabriel [...]


2011 Harvey Awards

As many of you know, in my free time I work as the marketing director for The Reading with Pictures, a non-profit organization working to get comics in the classroom. The organization has been [...]


@$$hole! – WTF?!?

Nope, not a comic update. It’s more of an apology for the lack of comic updates. Or the lack of any real insight into the goings on of my life in general lately. Allow me to explain a [...]