Convention Report: NYCC 2018

New York Comic Con (NYCC) is the largest comic convention in the country, this year having estimated attendance of 250,000 people! I really enjoy this convention every year, getting to see [...]


Convention Report: ACEN 2016 (part 2 of 3)

The weekends at Casa Del Mueller usually have a late start to them (for me, anyway…my wife’s a morning person), but convention weekends don’t allow for things like [...]


@$$hole!: Convention Season 3

The latest @$$hole! page has Trevor toting his wares to the people. Whoever may be interested in fine storytelling, this web comic series…or a water bottle. Which, let’s be honest: at [...]


@$$hole!: Anime Milaukee 2010

My Site VOTE! I’m at Anime Milwaukee this weekend sharing a table with the very talented Alan Evans of Rival Angels fame. We’ll be speaking on a few panels and selling our wares in [...]