Convention Report: Anime Midwest 2019

I was a returning guest of honor at Anime Midwest. I returned as a guest of honor at Anime Midwest this year, and I enjoyed seeing fans both new and old throughout the panels, events, and even [...]

Convention Report: C2E2 2019

Chicago's own C2E2 continues to be awesome. My hometown comic convention, C2E2, has always been a favorite of mine and this year was no exception. Running the Reading with Pictures booth, I [...]

Convention Report: Might Con DuPage 2019

There's something about cons in February that I just can't say no to, apparently. While in year's past I've held out for a larger anime con as my first appearance of the year, this year I went [...]


Convention Report: Wizard World Chicago 2017

THURSDAY: All set up for selling at Wizard World Chicago Writer and buddy Russell Lissau’s display of books is strong with the Force! FRIDAY: Morning comes too early…especially when [...]


@$$hole!: Convention Season 3

The latest @$$hole! page has Trevor toting his wares to the people. Whoever may be interested in fine storytelling, this web comic series…or a water bottle. Which, let’s be honest: at [...]


@$$hole!: Convention Season 2

Today’s @$$hole! features a guest appearance by comic writer Russell Lissau (The Batman Strikes, Shrek, The 29). Russell and I are good friends, and he’s also a big fan of this comic [...]


@$$hole!: Convention Season 1

A new @$$hole! story arc starts today, this strip guest-starring Rival Angels creator Alan Evans.