Convention Report: C2E2 2019

My webcomic series, Albert the Alien, has ended. And the Kickstarter to fund the printing of the final book was successful and we’re in production RIGHT NOW to bring this book into your home


2011 Harvey Awards

As many of you know, in my free time I work as the marketing director for The Reading with Pictures, a non-profit organization working to get comics in the classroom. The organization has been [...]


Convention Review: C2E2 2011

Sorry it’s a little late (I was updating blogs about making comics, fer goodness sake), but finally here’s the entry about C2E2. THURSDAY: After a long hard day at the office, I [...]


Reading with Pictures – premiere event

Remember that big news I’ve been teasing about for the past several months? Been asking yourself why the website hasn’t been updating lately? Well, it’s because my lifelong [...]


C2E2 panel schedule

SATURDAY: RWP Iron Artists Tournament 6-8 pm, variant stage Watch nearly a dozen of your favorite artists compete head-to-head on stage in the ultimate speed-drawing contest! The audience [...]


Reading with Pictures

Help Bring Comics into the Classroom Reading with Pictures is an educational non-profit organization that promotes literacy and the visual arts through the use of comics in the classroom. To [...]