@$$hole!: Photo Fight 1

Finally, the time is upon us for the illustrated world to meet the photo world. Or more appropriately, the opposite. This is the start of something I’ve wanted to do ever since I started [...]


@$$hole!: Closing Time 3

Many readers are probably going to be a little ticked at me for the end of this story arc, but it’s a direction that I’ve wanted to go for a while now. I’ve been teasing about [...]


@$$hole!: Closing Time 2

Susie and Anthony, two people who absolutely hate each other but are forced to work together – and now close together. Anthony has a party after they finish closing, so you’d think [...]


@$$hole!: Closing Time 1

The closing time mini story arc starring Susie and Anthony. I’ve had a plan for Susie’s adventures as a barista, and this story arc is only the beginning. I’m attending a lot of [...]