Temple: Assassin 21

Marielle starts kicking the crap out of some Bishops, showing off some of her bad ass assassin skills. ### I’m a guest of honor at ACEN this weekend (in Rosemont, Il), and I’ll be [...]


Temple: Assassin

Page 19 VOTE! A narrow escape from a beating right there, but Seymour and Marielle are not out of the woods yet. This is where the action begins, folks. Time for some ass-kicking! ### Meanwhile, [...]


@$$hole! and Temple and laptops, oh my!

So a lot’s been going on in my world lately, and sadly I’m not able to get into details on many of the items, but there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that I find [...]


Temple: Assassin 15

My Site. VOTE! Marielle has some questions about her next assignment. Something doesn’t quite add up here….


Temple: Assassin 14

My Site. VOTE! Anime Milwaukee was a blast. I’m totally exhausted, but had a fun time hanging out with Alan at the table and being on panels and meeting all the cool people who attended. [...]