Disney Trip 5

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 3: Labor Day. This day could have gone any number of ways for us, since we wanted to finish off Hollywood Studios and enjoy our final full day at the park. Thankfully, it [...]


Disney Trip 4

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 2: Sunday was our lazy day. After having spent so many days trying to hit as many of the parks as we could, we decided we really just needed a laid back day to relax and not [...]


Disney Trip 3

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1: Knowing that everyone and their mother was going to be out on Saturday, dragging their kids from attraction to attraction, Beth and I opted to go to the park that would [...]


Disney Trip 2

FRIDAY, AUGUST 31: Friday we knew would be packed no matter which park we went to (probably not as much as Saturday, though), and we had read in a guidebook that Magic Kingdom tended to have [...]


Disney Trip 1

So Beth and I took an adventurous vacation recently to sunny Florida, to experience the Happiest Place on Earth: Disney. Let me tell you, it should be called “the hottest place on [...]