Albert the Alien vol 4: Space Bullies from Mars

albert the alien volume 4 kids comicbook cover graphic novel art by gabo written by trevor mueller

It has been several weeks since Albert left our planet, and life on Earth is quite different without him. The principal has been replaced by government agents. Robots are teaching classes. And Gerty has been obsessing over trying to get Albert to come home, completely unaware of the danger looming just a few planets away. While Albert has befriended other runaway alien kids on a planet, he quickly discovers this group is not exactly what they appear.

Hounded by evil intergalactic space pirates, dodging hungry alien monsters, and piloting giant robots battling on the moon, Albert’s adventure to return home and save Earth may very well be his last.

WRITER: Trevor Mueller
ARTIST: GABO (Gabriel Bautista)

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albert the alien graphic novel comic book cover art by gabo written by trevor muellerthe fan horror comic book cover art by nick raimo written by trevor mueller