So, now that Temple’s officially finished (well, on Thursday it will be), I’ve begun restoring more of the old G-Man series (which I worked on back in high school, and it’s on lined paper…so it looks horrible). I’m doing this because 1) I love the characters, 2) I enjoy the stories, and 3) I have some ideas for new stories, but it would require the reader to have a working knowledge of what came before…so, the original series.

I’m going to try to get a few pages done each week (I can get 2 pages done per day, if given enough time to work on them), and then try to get some original stories done that don’t require knowledge of the original series (which will be difficult, since I introduce a lot of major characters down the road in the series). At the risk of spoiling anything that happens, I’m going to include a brief description here of some of the characters and major plot elements:


G-Man: G is based on my friend, Jeremy Galimberti (G-Man), who loves to eat food and is quite the lady’s man. I was reading a book entitled How to be a Superhero: Your Guide to Saving the Galaxy, and decided to use some of the jokes and ideas from it and form my own superhero story about a guy who protects food. He doesn’t have any special superpowers (until one story, much much later), and he doesn’t have any real hidden past…he’s just obsessed with the protection of food! His adventures, however, become quite legendary, as he’s battled off aliens from steal Earth’s supply of women and chocolate, and clowns from going back in time to steal various ingrediants to create a giant pie!

T-Man: T is based on myself, all the way down to my goofy haircut from high school. The more grounded of the two, T-Man is very much an eccentric version of myself. He’s quick to action, and incredibly loyal to his friends. This character wouldn’t work without G-Man, because by himself, he’s not very funny. However, the two characters playing off of each other are quite hillarious! Their adventures have taken them all over the world, and even into the bowels of the Superhero League’s secret halls, to receive awards for their efforts. T-Man and G-Man are not partners nor side-kicks, they’re just friends that occasionally (very often) team up to battle the forces of evil. Once, T-Man was held captive by his enemies and asked, “What do you protect?” and his answer was a simple, “I am T-Man: The Defender of the Defender of Food!”

The Alien: I never named this character, but she started out as a villian trying to steal Earth’s food supply and sell it on the intergalactic black market. G-Man successfully stopped her, however, by pointing out that she had no hair and bad eye sight! She became stranded on Earth, and started managing a Big Boy in Saline…until later adventures forced her to team up with T and G, and she absorbed the awsome power of the Magic Wand! She later falls in love with T-Man, and the two become an item.