The final day of a con is always the hardest. You’re tired, you’re hurting, but you’re also still excited – and you want to get the rest of those books sold, so you don’t have to take anything home. Always the goal, but not always the outcome. At this show, however, Sunday had some pretty strong sales and made my trip home that much lighter.

A quick breakfast bagel and a jog over to the convention center was my morning before I set up the table and started selling. There were no panels today, and nothing to distract me from focusing on sales. And sales did come in, although probably a little slower than they have in year’s past.

Set up for the final day of the con!

Commission sketch card of a Game of Thrones character

Before we knew it, the weekend had come to a close and it was time to head home. I had a work trip to China to prepare for, and another convention the weekend I returned. Lots left to do. But Anime Midwest was and continues to be a great show, lots of fun, and one I highly recommend.