2011 Year in Review

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There’s a forum of comic professionals I like to frequent every now and then, and they put a thread up about 2011 accomplishments, and 2012 goals. Being a business-minded individual, this idea appeals to me. I posted a less detailed version on the thread, but wanted to blow it out a bit on here. Gives me an excuse to talk about successes of 2011, as well as some of those exciting projects in 2012 I keep teasing about.


  • Hope: The Hero Initiative – Anthology of stories with an uplifting theme to them. I wrote “Inspiration,” the story of a sick kid whose blog posts have inspired others to be real life heroes.
  • Junkyard Chase – Short all-ages story about a robot chasing a dog through a junkyard. Includes a script in the back, so creators can use it as a template for making their own comics.


  • Anime Milwaukee* – First show of the year, and a show with large growth. Lots of fun, met some great people, and gave some great panels
  • C2E2 – Had a table in AA, and participated in a few Reading with Pictures (RWP) panels. Sold decent enough, and got to hang out with some great friends from out of town. First comic show my girlfriend attended
  • ACEN* – My favorite show of the year. Hung out with comic friends, anime voice actor friends, gave some amazing and well-attended panels, and had a blast.
  • Anime-Zing!* – A second-year show in a new town. Met another Power Ranger (Johnny Young Bosch), and had a really fun time. Late night panels and lots of fun stories at the bar after hours
  • Wizard World Chicago – My top selling show of the year. By far. Amazing time, and Beth helped man the booth with me. Had an incredible time
  • NYCC – Attended as RWP, sold pretty well, and put on some fun and entertaining panels. Stayed with some local friends, which is always a good time
  • Mid-Ohio Comic Con – Another great time with great friends. Stayed with good friends and had a blast the entire weekend. Sold extremely well for the size of the show. Also, met actor Doug Jones
  • Kollision Con* – A smaller show, but a strong way to finish off the year. Hung out with internet celebrities, voice actors, and good comic friends. Late nights in the bar (and in other guests hotel rooms) made for some hilarious stories

*Guest of Honor


  • @$$hole! vol. 1 – The story of a lazy slacker and his demonic roommate who’s more of a slacker than he could ever be. Pop-culture references and hilarity ensue
  • Albert the Alien – The foreign exchange student from another planet is back! In this adventure, Albert has to dodge bullies and hall monitors while he makes his way to use the restroom
  • Nightshade – Children have gone missing in Prague. Doc leads in Nightshade, a supernatural investigative team, to find out who’s behind this crime. But when the investigation starts to link into his mysterious past, Doc will have to chose between finding the answers that have long eluded him and doing what he knows is right


  • Anime Milwaukee*
  • C2E2
  • ACEN
  • Summit City*
  • Anime-Zing!*
  • Wizard World Chicago
  • Mid-Ohio Con
  • NYCC
  • Kollision Con*
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