Video Game Review: Dead Space 2

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Video Games Review: Dead Space 2 (2011)
Platforms: PS3, Xbox360, PC
Developer: EA
Official Website
Plot: Taking place a little bit after the end of the first game, engineer Issac (now a talking character) is kind of going crazy. And after all of the horrors witnessed in the first game (among them, the suicide of his lady caught on tape for his viewing pleasure), who can blame him?

As Issac, you’re once again on a journey of survival fighting against Necromorphs (and your own psyche’s interpretation of your now-dead lady) but now you’re on a space station. Also, there’s more interaction with other characters (did we mention Issac actually talks this time?), driving the narrative of this survival horror action adventure. Can Issac “get the heck out of Dodge” again before the Necromorphs kill everyone and everything around him?

Let me start off by saying that I loved the first Dead Space. There was no pause in the game, so literally at any time someone could jump out to kill you. The threat to your life was constant, your ammo was low (especially later in the game), it was generally creepy through. Unfortunately the second game focuses more on action than it does on atmosphere, and I felt that it suffered for it. Sure, there are a few interesting little twists in the game, but I never felt like they were ever explored to a satisfactory level. They just kind of mention them, and then it’s like, “Oh crap, that’s interesting. Oh crap, I’m fighting more dead dudes again.”

There were a few creepy moments, but mostly the second game focused far too much on shock and graphic violence to be “horrific.” There’s no real horror here, it’s just pomp and gore. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – I was just expecting more creepy and atmosphere, and less “there it is, shoot it!”


So I’ve fallen behind on my reviews lately, focusing instead on the comic work. I apologize for these, and I’m several months behind schedule. Wanted to get more game, movie, and TV reviews out but have been extremely busy. I’m in the process of moving (more on that tomorrow, actually), and have several exciting comic projects in the works right now that demand a lot of time and energy.

I’m still watching and playing, so feel free to come chat with me at a signing or a convention about the latest movies and games. Just haven’t had the time to write about them. We’ll get back on a schedule again eventually. Right now I’m just having a lot of fun working on the comics!

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