Video Game Review: InFamous 2

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Video Game Review: InFamous 2 (2011)
Platforms: PS3
Developer: Sucker Punch
Official Website
Plot: Reprising your role as Cole McGrath, the delivery-boy turned superhero (or villain) in the first game, you continue your quest to improve your powers to defeat The Beast – a creature the enemy of the first game was trying to prepare you for. Well, in the beginning of this game you fight it…and lose!

Retreating to New Marias, you begin your quest to improve you powers and get stronger. Along the way you meet some colorful characters and make choices on whether or not to be good or evil. Can you beef up your abilities enough to save (or destroy) the world?

I enjoyed the first InFamous well enough. It was a fun and different take on a superhero game, providing an open-world sandbox and some unique electrical powers. InFamous 2 improves upon the first game in every possible way.

While I felt kind of powerful in the first game, in the sequel I feel like a god! You start off with all your current powers, and just continue to expand upon them. In fact, you get so many powers it’s sometimes difficult to remember what they all do. Especially when the game introduces a villain that’s particularly susceptible to a certain power or power type.

My favorite aspect of the game: taking back the city. Like with the first game, you go on side quests to gain experience (XP) and improve your power set. Accomplishing these side quests “liberates” sections of the city from criminal control. I love this part of the game, since it gives you a sense of accomplishment, and also helps you track your game progress in a non-traditional way.

Once an area is liberated, there are less criminals there and the section of town starts to clean up (at least, when you play as a good guy like I did). It becomes a semi-nice place to check out. Unfortunately, once it’s liberated, there’s also not a lot of reason to go back to the area, but I digress….

Another part of the game I love are the power upgrades. In the first game you get a glide ability, which is kind of handy but not very powerful. In the sequel, you get this power enhanced – and can now fly over a block when jumping from the ground. When jumping from a tall building – significantly further. Plus, you eventually unlock a super-jump ability which launches you into the air. Combine this power with your enhanced glide, and you almost feel like Superman!

Overall, InFamous 2 is a lot of fun. If you dug the first game, you’ll enjoy this game. If you like feeling like a superhero and beating the crap out of baddies, you’ll like this game too.

If you’re into games with cute ponies and bubbles, you may want to steer clear.

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