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On New Years Eve I received some terrible news, that 2017 was not done taking just yet. My good friend, Gyu Sup Lee, left this world far too soon.

For those of you unfamiliar with Gyu (and trust me, you would know if you had met him), he was former guest relations with ACEN (which is how we met), and was a huge supporter of comics, artists and creators, and a fantastic friend. He was also a big goofball. And any time he came to visit me at a show, he would always bring him homemade lemon bars and brown-butter brownies.

He was not blood, but he was family.

Trevor, Beth, and Gyu

While many in a time of loss like this tend to focus on the would’ve, could’ve, should’ve, I find that to be a black hole that fills with despair the deeper you go. Instead, I like to focus on the good times. Any memory of Gyu from anyone you ask is universally positive. If he was around, it was impossible for you to not be smiling or laughing. He loved anime, video games, board games, and always supported his friends in their projects and activities.

He helped fund my Albert the Alien Kickstarters (all three volumes), and will have an appearance in the current chapter, which will be collected in Volume 4. It saddens me to think that he will not get to see those scenes. To read the role I wrote specifically for him. To hold that book in his hands. But I digress – focus on the positive.

Gyu, Trevor, Beth, and Russell at Marc and Trish’s wedding

Gyu left a legacy behind that will forever be associated with that positivity. I will remember his dirty jokes, his delicious cooking, his love of craft beer and whiskey, and how he embraced everyone like they were close family; full body, strong grip, and with the feeling he would never let you go.

I often think back on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman when someone is taken from this world too early: “You lived what anybody gets, Bernie. You got a lifetime. No more. No less.”

I will never forget the my life journey while Gyu was riding shotgun. Hanging his head out the window. Sticking out his tongue. Probably telling a dirty joke.

I’ll miss ya, buddy.

Gyu Sup Lee, probably not wearing pants, 1983-2017

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