Convention Report: Anime Zing 2019

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Being a Guest at Anime Zing, and my triumphant return to Iowa.

Many years ago, I had attended a tiny little show in Iowa called Anime Zing, and tabled next to such incredible guests as Johnny Young Bosch (Power Rangers) and Robert Axelrod (also Power Rangers). I hadn’t returned to the show since, not because I didn’t have a fun time, but because other conventions tended to conflict with it or I had something else going on. Come back to this summer, and I was invited to return and the stars aligned in my schedule. So here I was, back in Iowa, and the show has grown by leaps and bounds.

Don’t get me wrong, the show is still small by comparison of a lot of shows that I do, but that adds to the charm of the event. There are a lot more opportunities to hang out with fans, attendees, and yes – other guests.

I lead a number of panels throughout the weekend:

Tabling at Conventions on Friday, and then Writing for Comics and Making Webcomics on Saturday. The venue was a lot of fun, and the other guests were HILARIOUS. I was added to a panel doing a D&D campaign with many of the other guests, and we were all a little sauced – and the kinds of characters we created, and the crazy adventure we went on is something of legend for that weekend.

anime zing, anime convention, anime, artist alley

Dinner with friends.

I also got a chance to do an all-guests dinner, which was a lot of fun. An opportunity to connect with people I had known for years, and a few new faces I had just met that weekend. Whitney Rodgers, Jon Swasey and so many more were among the dinner, and they were such a fun group – AND the networking for them was fantastic, because Jon was a very open and inviting person who was trying to help the younger voice actors make connections and get some new gigs.

All in all, Anime Zing was a lot of fun and a great low-key convention to end the summer of cons on. I had a blast, was treated well, and really enjoyed reconnecting with friends and fans both new and old.

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