Convention Report: Anime Milwaukee 2022

2022 convention season has started! I usually start my year with a local (and fantastic) anime convention called Anime Milwaukee. It's a short drive for me to go, and I've been a guest of [...]

Convention Report: C2E2 2021

Back at home for my final convention of the year! C2E2 is a fantastic show, and a great way to end my convention season - since it's both a home show, had a great turnout and strong sales, and [...]

Convention Report: Emerald City Comic Con 2021

My first time in Seattle...a show that I got into right before lockdown. I had gotten into artist alley at Emerald City Comic Con the year of the pandemic, right as news of the covid outbreaks [...]

Convention Report: Baltimore Comic Con 2021

Baltimore Comic Con is one of my all-time favorite conventions, so when they announced they were doing an in-person event this year, I had to say yes to exhbiting - and there's no better place to [...]

Convention Report: SiouxperCon 2021

Siouxpercon is my first in-person appearance of 2021, and it set the bar high for a return to conventions and events.

In-Person Appearances for 2021

Many conventions are pushing towards the end of the year for in-person events, but honestly it'll be dependent on the state of the world and how responsible people are between now and then as to [...]

Convention Report: C2E2 2020

My first convention appearance where I didn't have a table in ages - but still, lots of fun times were hand.

Convention Report: Anime Milwaukee 2020

I was a returning guest of honor at Anime Milwaukee. I returned as a guest of honor at Anime Milwaukee, my first (and only) live appearance in 2020!

Convention Report: Vernon Hills Mini-Con 2019

I returned to my hometown library event - a fun time for families and kids filled with art, comics, and cosplay.

Convention Report: New York Comic Con 2019

I was a returning guest of honor at Anime Midwest. I returned as a guest of honor at Anime Midwest this year, and I enjoyed seeing fans both new and old throughout the panels, events, and even [...]

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