Convention Report: Might Con DuPage 2019

There's something about cons in February that I just can't say no to, apparently. While in year's past I've held out for a larger anime con as my first appearance of the year, this year I went [...]


Anime Boston 2017 – Part 3 of 3

SUNDAY: The final day of the con, I got up and checked out of the hotel, and headed to the breakfast spot I always meet up with friends right by the convention center, my gear in hand. We were [...]


Anime Boston 2017 – Part 2 of 3

SATURDAY: Morning came too quickly, as it often does at a con, and I grabbed a quick bite and went to set up the table. I got a text message from Johnny Young Bosch (Power Rangers), inviting me [...]


Anime Boston 2017 – Part 1 of 3

Anime Boston is this recent gem of a con that I was invited to attend two years ago, and was a featured artist two years in a row (something I’m told has never happened before). This year [...]


Theater Review: Power Rangers Burlesque

For those of you who remember, my good friend Kim Chapin passed away very recently. But the last thing she mentioned online – both her twitter and her facebook – was her desire to [...]


Con Report: Kollision Con 2011

So my final show for the year was Kollision Con, put on by several of the same people who have helped make ACEN my favorite show to date. And let me say, this show was awesome. Great [...]


Anime-Zing 2011

Last weekend I was a guest at Anime-Zing in Davenport, IA. It was my first thing in Iowa, and it was a second year show and Russell and I had a fun time. FRIDAY Russ and I headed out from the [...]