Convention Report: Wizard World Chicago 2019

I was a returning guest of honor at Anime Midwest. I returned as a guest of honor at Anime Midwest this year, and I enjoyed seeing fans both new and old throughout the panels, events, and even [...]


Wizard World Chicago


Convention Report: Wizard World Chicago 2018


Convention Report: Wizard World Chicago 2017

THURSDAY: All set up for selling at Wizard World Chicago Writer and buddy Russell Lissau’s display of books is strong with the Force! FRIDAY: Morning comes too early…especially when [...]


Convention Report: Wizard World Chicago 2016

I wrote a series of posts on my other website,, about my convention experience at Wizard World Chicago. Check out the various sections below. PART 1: Preview Night, which [...]


Convention Review: Wizard World Chicago 2014

This past weekend was Wizard World Chicago, another local show for me and one of my favorite shows of the year – usually because, in year’s past, sales have been so high for me. [...]


Convention Report: Chicago Comic Con 2013

Getting around to this one a little late, but unfortunately comic deadlines come first. As you know, Chicago Comic Con (or Wizard World Chicago, it’s sometimes called), is the only show I [...]


Con Report: Wizard World Chicago 2012

Wizard World Chicago 2012 was this past weekend, and it was an event to behold. Last year, WWC was my biggest sales show of the year. By a lot. And this year it was just shy of repeating that [...]


Wizard World Chicago, 2012

We interrupt your regularly scheduled comic for this special announcement: this weekend I’m attending Wizard World Chicago! I’ll be in artist alley booth #3180, right next to Russell [...]


Convention Prep

Got a slew of conventions remaining this year, and a lot of books / merch to sell during them. So if you’ve missed me at the plethora of cons and signings / events I’ve been doing [...]

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