Comic Reivew: The Dreamer

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Comic Review: The Dreamer
Writer / Artist: Lora Innes
Publisher: IDW
Plot: Beatrice is your average teenage girl who wants to get the lead in the school play and to date the cute boy. But when she falls asleep she dreams about living a life during the Revolutionary War. As she delves deeper into the life of the characters fighting to create an independent nation, she starts to question if she truly is dreaming…or if there’s something else going on.

Lora Innes is the twice-Harvey Award nominated (and winner of multiple other webcomic awards) writer and artist of The Dreamer, and also a good friend of mine. Her pages are absolute gold, and you can see her style evolve even within the first six issues collected in her first trade from IDW. The characters are interesting and believable, the dialogue is delivered realistically, and the level of detail put into the outfits – in both modern times and the past – are absolutely spectacular. Whenever Bea dreams is when this comic shines, and it’s a fascinating and historical ride.

Lora balances tense dramatic scenes, action, and even a little comedy into the mix for a story that spans the ages. By the end of the first book you want to know not only what’s going on with Bea and her time-spanning dreams, but also how her trips may affect her in the present.

Lora has also just started a charity auction (which includes Thom Zahler, Barb Jacobs, Alan Evans, myself, and about 50 other creators) to create a wallpaper to help raise money to put a stop to human trafficking (AKA: modern day slavery). She has some frightening statistics and a personal story about it on her website, so be sure to check it out and help contribute.

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  • Albone

    The Dreamer? Never heard of it.

    The charity wallpaper is going to be fun and for a great cause. Also fun to be working with you again on a charity piece. I don’t think it’s an auction though, is it?

  • Trevor

    I think it’s a donation per download, actually. Depending on the success, Lora may want to consider doing an anthology to raise some money for the organization. I’d submit a 2-10 page story for it.

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