Comic Review: Rival Angels

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Comic Review: Rival Angels vol. 1
Writer / Artist: Alan Evans
Plot: Sabrina “Ultragirl” Mancini is a professional female wrestler who gets bumped up from the developmental league to the professional division and is forced to live with three other female wrestlers, nick-named the “Upstarts.” Her roommates are “The Definition of Technician” Krysten Moline, Aussie babe Brooke Lennox, and Sun “Lil Dragon” Wong. Sabrina finds that playing in the major league is a new game for her, and that her opponent in the ring isn’t the only hurdle she has to overcome. Filled with nail-biting edge of your seat action, intense drama and some hilarious moments, this comic has everything you’d want from a story and more!

Even though it’s a webcomic, the first graphic novel collection is available here. Whatever he’s charging for it, it’s worth the price of admission.

Ignore the fact that Alan and I are now friends and are both attending Mid-Ohio Comic Con in October – I was a big fan of this comic long before I even knew who Alan was, and I don’t like wrestling. What I like is the kind of action and pacing that his stories provide, and the interesting and dynamic character relationships that he provides. It’s interesting to see these girls interaction outside the ring one way, but when they’re all thrown into a free-for-all ring match to see who will participate in a TV tournament, there’s no holding back.

Each of the girls has a very distinct personality. Sabrina is overconfident and a little bit of a showboat to the fans. Krystin is a powerhouse with a fan following due to her technical moves. Sun is a firecracker that is quick and likes to get the drop on her opponents (or as she likes to call it, “ninja’d!”). And Brooke is a little talent bombshell that has seduced her way to the top, and will stop at nothing to get what she wants…no matter who stands in her way!

It’s no secret to people who follow the comic on Drunk Duck that I’m a huge fan of Brooke’s, and in fact I have stated many times over that her and I will date her! Alan, being the cheerful sport that he is, was kind enough to give me a cameo appearance in the comic poking fun at my fictional online relationship with another web comic artist, BetaJess (see the 2008 and 2009 Drunk Duck Awards presentation for Best Romance Comic). He tells me that another cameo may be in the works down the road….

If you love action, strong women kicking ass, and some fun plot twists and turns, be sure to check out Rival Angels on the web and purchase the graphic novel for your bookshelf! And I’m not just saying that as a fellow creator, but as a huge fan!

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