@$$hole!: Haunted Cabin 24

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Ah yes, Professor Ikinpoopin. Everyone remember him from the beginning of this story arc? He’s the one who invited Trevor out to this cabin in the first place. Perhaps some answers are around the corner.

Got a lot of great projects in the pipeline that I’ve slowly been revealing to you guys. The first of the year was the @$$hole!: Volume 1 book, which premiere this past weekend at Anime Milwaukee. I’m happy to say, I sold through all the books I brought – about 1/3 of the stock I ordered. Popular book, made popular by awesome fans.

The next book reveal is the Albert the Alien book, which I’ve been posting a few previews about. Gabriel Bautista and I have rejoined forces on the next installment, called “Albert the Alien is Using the Hall Pass.” The book will be out in April for the next shows we do: C2E2 and ACEN. It’s a 24 page book filled with the full story, copy of the scripts, and activity pages for the kids. Looking forward to getting that book off to the printers in a next week or so.

The third project is my first horror story, which I’ll be revealing more about in the coming weeks. This project will be a little longer in the making, since it’s a little more ambitious than the others. But the goal here is to produce 4 floppies, followed by a graphic novel. Or maybe we just make the graphic novel. I’ll decide as it continues to come together.

Anyway, I’m spending the weekend working on this horror project, called Nightshade, and moving into a new apartment. Going to be a busy weekend. Hope you are also looking forward to an activity fueled weekend. See you next week!

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