Re-Possessed has launched on Webtoon Originals

Check out my latest Webtoon Original series, Re-Possessed, a supernatural workplace comedy about college students fighting against demonically possessed antiques!

Nexus Point has launched on Webtoon Originals

For the last year, I've been living in a cyberpunk world! In my head, that is...not for real. But we've been working on Nexus Point since I originally pitched it back in 2021, and oh my has it [...]

Trevor Interviewed: Two Geeks Talking

As we continue to ramp up for the launch of our Webtoon Originals series, NEXUS POINT, I did an interview with my good friend Kurt Sasso on his podcast Two Geeks Talking. Kurt and I go way back, [...]

Nexus: A Webtoon Original series

I finally got the green light to talk about the launch of my new series. I have been pitching stories to the editors over at webtoon for a while now, and they have gravitated towards a few of [...]


Homelife Chapter 11 Page 2

Albert and his friends – Gerty, Martin, and Miranda – are all in the family room, sleeping bags ready for a night of hanging out! But what activities are they going to do? We’ll [...]


Homelife Chapter 11 Page 1

Albert has gotten the alien communication device working, and is in contact with Splurr – the alien living on Mars. But who is this alien, and what are his motivations? We’ll find out [...]


Homelife Chapter 11 Cover

And we’re back! This new chapter of Albert the Alien continues to explore his life outside of school – this one dealing with a very important coming of age ritual we all experience: [...]


Albert the Alien Winter Break 2015 Page 6

### Albert the Alien is now on Patreon! Patreon is a crowd-funding site for on-going projects, like this webcomic you love. You get bonus content for supporting projects you enjoy, and early [...]


Albert the Alien Winter Break 2015 Page 5

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’ve sadly been neglecting this site for a bit, since we’ve been so focused on getting the Albert the Alien volume 2 books out before the holiday. We were successful [...]


Albert the Alien Chapter 9 Page 24

Albert the Alien was just nominated for a Harvey Award for Best Online Comic! This is such an honor. Check it out here. Want to see the next page early? Vote now and see the next page of Albert [...]